Nile Cruise Vacations in Egypt

Travelers looking for Nile Cruise Vacations in Egypt will have a diversity of options and itineraries from which to choose. Sail in a felucca or board a luxury liner and tour centuries of history!

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The Nile River and Its Amazing History

There are books and films made about journeys up and down the Nile River in Egypt. The river is a source of fascination to those who inhabit its shores as well as to millions of others around the world who take an interest in Egyptian history. The history of the country is deeply connected to the river, and this is the reason that so many people plan Nile cruise vacations.

One of the Best Vacation Choices

Frequently ranked as one of the world’s best Egypt vacation choices, modern Nile cruises can only take place between Luxor and Aswan, which are considerably south of the major city of Cairo. Visitors can enjoy dinner cruises and felucca tours (small sailboats) which frequently depart from Cairo’s Nile docks, but full cruises are no longer possible. This is due primarily to the existence of “cataracts” which are bends in the river, frequently accompanied by small dams or other obstacles that large cruise ships cannot pass.

Many of the best Egypt vacation itineraries will begin with a few days in Cairo, where many famous locations and attractions can be enjoyed, which are then followed by a short flight to Abu Simbel – a historic location rescued from the flooding of Lake Nasser after the construction of the Aswan Dam – which is the southernmost city in Egypt. From this point many Nile cruise vacations depart each day, and take from three to seven days to complete. 

Interestingly, in the course of most Nile cruise vacations a traveler will witness approximately five thousand years of history gently floating past!

Time Limits and Budget Constraints

How do you determine which cruise would provide the best Nile vacation in Egypt? It is simply a matter of time limits and budget constraints as well as personal interests. 

For example, a visitor to Egypt may only have one week to explore and tour the country. This would mean they would have to limit their choices to the shorter, three day cruise vacation tours available. If, however they had two weeks, then the best Egypt vacation would include a seven day Nile cruise with land tours and a significantly slower pace. 

The latter would be especially true for anyone particularly interested in the ancient history of the land, and would allow them to enjoy a lengthy visit in the Luxor area, which is a historic capital city of ancient Egypt as well as the necropolis (burial grounds) of many pharaohs, many of whom have tombs in the Valley of the Kings, only a short walk from the river.

Looking for the Ultimate Nile Cruise Vacation in Egypt?

Anyone planning a Nile river cruise vacation can consult with our experts to find the perfect answer to their needs. Nile cruises include stops in historic locations and even journeys across Lake Nasser. 

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