Is it safe to go on Nile cruise trips and tours?

Is it safe to go on Nile cruise trips and tours?

In times of occasionally strained international relations and a changing world, some might ask the question is it safe to go on Nile cruise holidays, trips and excursions. This is not a silly question, as prudent planning is always a positive thing. The answer is simple and reassuring; the River Nile is perfectly safe as a destination for any tourist or group.

Valued visitors

Egypt values its tourists, and there is a strong sense of good feeling towards all who come here looking to enjoy themselves, immersed in a shared history. There is nothing about the River, its people, or even its wildlife to worry about in terms of your personal safety, or your belongings. Nile cruisers and boats, along with hotels along the route, are very safety aware and will provide safety deposit boxes for any valuables should you require them, and all staff are willing to help out, no matter how minor the problem.

Police and Public Service

The Tourism and Antiquities Police are the main government body responsible for the safety and well being of visitors, and they do their job well. At the Pyramids and the Sphinx, Abu Simbel and the other great sites of Egypt found along the river, tourists can expect to share the landscape with a number of mounted officers from the Tourism and Antiquities Police. These men are on hand to assist tourists, and to supervise the various traditional trade’s people and vendors who sell their wares at each site.

A traditional sense of community

As an Islamic culture, Egyptian society is centred on a sense of community, respect and assisting others. Tourists are no exception to these norms, and you will find the local people helpful, friendly and full of knowledge regarding anything you might need help with. Speaking the language is not necessary, as many have rudimentary grasp of English, and there are always the expert guides to help you out!

The question of whether or not it is safe to go on Nile cruise trips and tours is easily answered by the country itself, its people and its sophisticated tourist industry. Nile cruises are safe, spectacular, and memorable; to recline on a sun deck of a graceful river barge between sun-soaked wander through ancient columns and halls is without a doubt one of the best ways to see this magical land. Be swept up in the history and life of Egypt, and join one for your next big adventure.

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