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One of the best ways to see Egypt is on Guided Egypt tours. Take advantage of the knowledge provided by organized tours so you see the best sights!

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Guided Tours of Egypt

Mystery, romance, history and time are some of the terms frequently attached to the famous land of Egypt. Millions of visitors have traveled to this land of pharaohs and lush beauty in order to explore its many historic sites and ancient remains. Egypt, however, is a modern land with major cities, millions of inhabitants and the traditional “hustle and bustle” of everyday life.

The above described “modernity” can come as a shock to many visitors who envision the endless deserts or the gently flowing Nile waters. This is also the reason so many savvy travelers know that it is a good idea to join a guided tour of Egypt, or hire private Egypt tour guides to assist them during their visit.

Travelers to Egypt who employ the services of a guided Egypt tour will not have to worry about language or communication problems, directions to locations or gaining access to some restricted areas.

Most guided tours of Egypt are centered on the historic and ancient sites in Cairo and Luxor, and so most guided tours will have a university trained and licensed expert to answer questions and deliver brief lectures on each place visited.

Guided Egypt tours will also alleviate any extra expense or concern about travel arrangements as most tours employ a fleet of private cars or coaches to transport their guests.

What Services do You Require?

It is a wise idea to consider the kind of service required during the journey before signing on with any guided tour of Egypt in particular. If the traveler is comfortable with bus journeys, dining with strangers and visiting areas with a large group they may want to explore one of the special guided group tours available through many popular associations. For example, in the United States there are automobile groups, senior citizen groups, museum organizations and many others that plan group guided tours of Egypt.

If, however, the traveler wants individualized service and a significantly more in-depth experience of specific sites, they may want to explore the many options for a private guided tour. While these may be more costly than a guided group tour, they can make a journey more personalized and informational. For example, some private guided tours of egypt are able to visit restaurants, markets and locations that are simply not available to larger groups of any kind.

There is another variety of guided tour in Egypt as well, and this includes the underwater and coastal adventures of those looking to explore Egypt’s Red Sea and Sinai Peninsula coasts. Deep sea diving enthusiasts from around the world hire guides to take them to this region’s most beautiful underwater sights and locations, and it is becoming one of the major reasons for travel to Egypt.

What do you want From an Guided Egypt Tour?

Ancient pyramids, desert vistas, touring by camel, exploring an oasis, a cruise down the majestic Nile River. Put our expertise to work for you for the trip of a lifetime.

All our Egypt tour Packages are private and fully customizable. You can have your Egypt guided tour your way when you travel to Egypt with us.