Felucca Nile Cruises

Most Felucca Nile Cruises are normally rides of 1-3 hours length. A felucca ride is great for getting up and close...

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What is a Felucca?

The Felucca is a type of dhow, a traditional boat of the Middle East, characterized by two tall, lateen sails, which has been used for travel along the Nile River for thousands of years. They have been historically important to commerce in this region and were the main means of water transport up until the mid Twentieth Century. Today, they are frequently a choice of tourists who want the relaxing, quiet experience of Felucca Nile Cruises.

The Archaelogical Sites

The Nile River crosses through some of the most important archaeological sites in the world. The Valley of the KingsPhilae Temple and Karnak Temple are all along its winding path. 

Making such a journey in a vessel that makes no sound save for the wind in the sails and the bow cutting the water allows one the peace to reflect upon where they are and the significance of what they're seeing. Watching farmers work their fields from the deck of a Felucca is truly a magnificent experience.

The Felucca Nile Cruises

Many modern Feluccas are converted yachts, owned and operated by private captains or by tour agencies. The most common Felucca Nile cruises depart from either Luxor or Aswan and head up or downriver, respectively. These tours can be booked for a few days or for longer than a week and are most often private tours.

Felucca Nile cruises are usually smaller than the majority of the Nile cruises up and down this historic river. Feluccas themselves can typically accommodate between 6 and 8 people, which makes them perfect for a small group who are travelling together.

These cruises can range in price from budget to luxury. If you're dead set on adding one of the Felucca Nile cruises to your itinerary but are on a budget, don’t be afraid to shop around. Egyptians rely heavily on the tourist industry and there are any number of providers who will be glad to sell you a berth on a tour.

An Authentic Experience

For the authentic experience, it's really impossible to beat the Felucca. You'll be taking part in a history that spans millennia and doing so as the people native to these lands have done for generations. The ships themselves represent part of Egyptian culture and the closer to the culture one can get the better.

Feluccas plying the Nile have been a sight for thousands of years. When you decide to go to Egypt yourself, consider establishing yourself among the privileged people who have taken a Private Felucca Nile Cruise. 

Private felucca Nile cruises are an adventure. Memories for a lifetime - but quite expensive.

What is a Private Felucca Cruise?

The Nile River is famous as the world’s longest river, but is also known for the history that seems to spring up along its Egyptian shores. 

If a traveler sailed from Cairo to Aswan, affectively traversing the entire length of modern Egypt, they would encounter more than five thousand years of temples, monuments and historical sites.

It is this fascinating history that makes Egypt and especially the Nile Valley such a popular destination, and many people opt to travel the Nile in order to experience the land in the same way as the ancients. One way to ensure an experience similar to the ancient Egyptians is to take a cruise or sail in a felucca, a traditional Middle Eastern boat. 

Today, private felucca Nile cruises are rising in popularity as a method of exploring the river and its fascinating shores. But be warned, they are quite expensive.

Standard Routes and Itineraries

Private felucca Nile cruises will generally follow the same paths and routes as the larger cruise ships – meaning points of departure at Luxor or Aswan and then several days or weeks journeying between the two points.

Even though the felucca are smaller, they too are not able to make the long trip from Cairo and south to Luxor or beyond. This is due primarily to the locks and cataracts that make it nearly impossible for larger boats and ships to pass. This does not mean, however, that a visitor is going to miss out on Cairo as there are many felucca tours and sailings in the area each day.

Travelers who book private felucca Nile cruises will be able to visit the Valley of the Kings, and see the tomb of Tutankhamen among many other important sites. 

They will get a view of the temple at Philae, visit Karnak Temple and may also see the fabulousAbu Simbel, which was rescued from oblivion during the flooding of Lake Nasser and the construction of the Aswan Dam.

Keeping It Simple

One of the benefits in choosing private felucca Nile cruises is the small size of the ship. Generally there will be from six to eight passengers aboard the felucca which can mean a far more attentive experience as well as a bit more time and control over visits to specific sites. 

For example, anyone on a larger Nile cruise ship may have to visit areas in group tours and stick to very strict schedules and time constraints. The private felucca Nile cruises however can be a great deal more flexible, and a visitor hoping for some “solo” time at a site will generally be able to arrange for such an experience.

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