Tour the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo provides you with the opportunity to see Egypt ancient history up close and personal. This museum is a must on your Cairo travel itinerary.

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Visiting the Museum is a Must

Cairo has a number of wonderful things to offer to visitors. It is located on the beautiful Nile, and it is close to some of the most famous sites in all of Egypt – the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx. Everyone who comes to the beautiful city will find a number of wonderful things that will keep him or her busy.

The Egyptian government established the museum, located in Cairo, in 1835. They began the museum as an effort to stop all of the plundering and looting that was going on at all of the different archaeological sites in the area. The museum would protect the priceless artifacts that trace Egypt's past.

The Egyptian Museum has a number of wonderful items in their collection. When you visit Cairo, you must stop by the museum and take a look at everything it has to offer.

Funerary Works

The Egyptians have a very unique belief in the afterlife, and this collection contains many traces of that. One can see sarcophagi, funeral art, and many other items and artifacts.


Egyptian jewelry is beautiful and unique, and the museum has the most incredible collections in the world. You can see jewelry of both silver and gold, some even inset with precious stones. The workmanship is highly detailed and beautiful.


Egyptian sculpture was used for religious depictions and was often located in temples and tombs. The museum houses a number of different sculptures from throughout the history of the culture of Egypt. The attention to detail in the sculptures is incredible.

Some of the most impressive pieces in the collection are a sculpture of the goddess Selket from the Canopic Shrine and the bust of King Merenptah. You can find a wide variety of sculptures.

King Tut

Probably the most famous artifacts in the entire museum belong to the King Tut collection. A boy king, he ruled for only nine years, but his power and legend are still felt today. He had in incredible collection of treasure and much of that is located at the museum.

Some of the most impressive pieces in this collection are shields, bracelets, jewelry and more. The collection is vast, and has a great variety of items.

Anyone who comes to Cairo should make certain to visit the Egyptian Museum. It makes a great place to visit along with the pyramids and the other historical sites.

Museums Everywhere

Though it may seem like the entire country of Egypt is a museum, it is in fact home to some of the finest museums in the world. Our experts can help you plan a visit to many of them.