Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed the most commonly asked questions and our answers. If you do not find an answer to your question simply click the question mark to your left to get instant answer via our 24/7 Online Live Chat Customer Service.

24/7 Online Customer Service

Our professional Tour Consultants are online and ready to answer your questions. Let us help plan your Egypt tour now. Simply click to ask.

Are Your Tours Private?

Yes, all our tours are private. You will be traveling with your personal guide and - when sightseeing - driver. Nile Cruises are not private.

Can I Customize My Tour With Egypt Tour Info?

Always. The client is our number one priority, and though we do frequent a steady list of local businesses who share in our vision of sustainable tourism and environmental soundness, you are able to decide exactly what you wish to do without hassle or worry.

All our Egypt tour packages can be customized to fit your exact wishes and dreams. For minor customizations simply specify your changes in the "your comments" field of the request form. For major customizations (more than 2 days of changes) please use this easy form to design your tour.

If in doubt... Probably the easiest way to customize your tour would be to contact our Live Support and get the professional help from one of our tour consultants.

How Do I Request Tour Info?

We have made it very easy for you to request further information about the tours offered. You can do this from all pages on

Therefore, we suggest you spend some time exploring our website. If you know what you want to do and see you can fill out this form to request your personal Egypt tour suggestion from

I Did Not Receive the Itinerary I Requested?

If you did not receive your requested itinerary within 24 hours after submission, please contact us via Online Live Chat (click link in upper right corner) or send mail here

How Do I Respond to Received Itinerary Suggestion?

By simply replying to the Itinerary Email you receive from us after 24 hours...

- When submitting a tour request you will get an email answer back within 24 hours
- If you have questions concerning your tour simply ask them in this email
- Doing so enables you to get all your questions answered

When Is The Best Time To Book A Tour With Egypt Tour Info?

Anytime! Egypt enjoys an extremely embracing climate throughout nearly the entire year, though there are a few months of harsh dryness during the dead of summer. Your booking can be done as far in advance or on as short notice as you wish, and you will receive the attention and answers that you seek right away.

Obviously we recommend you start planning your Egypt tour well in advance.

Do You Have a Children Policy?

Package Tours, Nile Cruises and Hotels

  • Age 0-1: Free of charge
  • Age 2-5: 25% of total tour cost
  • Age 6-11: 50% of total tour cost
  • Age 12 and above: Considered adults

If your tour package includes flights, an extra supplement for your child
may apply.

Sightseeing Tours and Shore Excursions

  • Age 0-5: Free of charge
  • Age 6-11: 50 % of total tour cost
  • Age 12 and above: Considered adults

If your sightseeing tours include domestic flights, an extra supplement
for your child may apply.

What is Your Payment Policy?

We offer secure online payment. You can pay using all major credit cards.

To make reservation you pay a 25% or 50% deposit depending on the date of your arrival and tour type. Rest payment can be done upon arrival or earlier. 

Click here for detailed Payment Terms and Conditions

Why Choose Egypt Tour Info

What Do You Offer That Other Tour Companies Don’t?

Plenty. Here, you are offered private guided tours, the High Quality Service Guarantee, a vow of reliability, the promise and privilege of flexibility, multilingual staff who assist with all aspects of your booking and excursions, secure online booking and payments, 55 years of vast and expert service to the worldwide community, and the opportunity to book and travel with a sustainable tourism company.

Why Should We Choose to Travel with Egypt Tour Info?

The short answer...


  • Private Guided Tours
  • Save money & time
  • Guarantee a high quality service
  • Reliability to deliver what we promise
  • Support sustainable tourism
  • Experienced in tourism since 1955.
  • Multi-lingual Staff
  • Secured Online Payment
  • Flexibility to changes

For more details, please click here...

Are You Active In The Community?

Egypt Tour Info cares very deeply for the people and the preservation of this area, and makes every attempt to assist with the decrease of unemployment and the increase in education and high school graduate statistics. We are involved with a very powerful and giving foundation which provides nourishment, care, housing, and education to orphaned children in the surrounding areas, as well as to the government primary school and genius children here.

Do You Have a Code of Ethics?

Yes, and we take pride in it!

Egypt Tour Info's management, staff and partners pledge to keep our slogan "Quality Is Our Top Priority" always in effect and work hard on our vision & mission. We are keen to help and advice our clients, providing them with outstanding level of services. Hence, we have selected and committed to the following Code of Ethics taking their own particular interests into consideration:

  • We shall conduct our service professionally and with factual accuracy. When presenting our services and tours we shall be precise and truthful.
  • We shall not use any deceiving representations. We shall also avoid any falsifications or obscuring of facts, conditions, requirements or cancellation policies.
  • We shall evidently state the total prices, with the charges and taxes included, while quoting and invoicing our tours and services.
  • We shall clearly inform the tourist of all the tour details, including facilities, accommodations and services, while advertising or illustrating any tour.
  • We shall provide all the features of the tours or services as confirmed in the brochure or written confirmation.
  • We shall offer alternate services of equal or greater value, or provide appropriate compensation, in case any unintended changes occurred.
  • We shall promote customers' confidence in our reliability and honesty, and avoid any demeanor or action that may bring us into disrepute.
  • We shall maintain efficiency in time & service, and friendly & helpful manner with our clients.
  • We shall respond immediately to clients' complaints
  • We shall cooperate with customers and resolve any dispute that may occur.
  • We shall keep clients' personal data and never reveal any information without their permission.
  • We shall not allow any favored relationship with a supplier or a partner to interfere with our clients' interests
  • We shall avoid any misleading or false reference to our competitors.
  • We promise complete awareness of customers' cultures, backgrounds and interests

When To Contact You For The Best Chance Of Service?

Egypt Tour Info offers three forms of instant, toll free communications to people from all over the world, so that here are never any time difference or scheduling issues. Live Chat, Toll Free Telephone, or Instant Email are all available 24/7.

What Are Your Live Chat Opening Hours?

We are online everyday 24/7 except for saturday night local Egyptian time.

I Have Another Question!

If you didn't find an answer to your question, please contact our Live Chat Customer Service to have your questions answered immediately or fill out this form.

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