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Not everyone is a specialist on the historical sites of ancient Egypt, but with our expert assistance you can be sure to see the best of Egypt’s museums, monuments, temples and ancient locations. Come explore the ancient wonders of Egypt...

Introductions to Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt • The Great Egyptian Pyramids, Giza, Cairo
Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
To understand the origin of the ancient Egyptian pyramids one must go back to the very beginning of how the Egyptians understood life and the afterlife.
Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt
The pharaohs of ancient Egypt ruled the most spectacular civilization in the world, spanning an astonishing period of more than 3,000 years...
Ancient Egypt and the Nile
In ancient Egypt the Nile River enabled the creation of a civilization and later the unification of upper and lower Egypt.

Ancient Egypt in Detail

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    Ancient Egyptian Religion


    The religion and mythology of ancient Egypt is vivid, to say the least. Get hold of the essentials of ancient Egyptian religion here.
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    Gods of Ancient Egypt


    Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses were represented as animals or humans, or half of each.
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    Mummification in Ancient Egypt


    In ancient Egypt the Mummification process was essential for an expected life after death.
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    The Underworld


    The dead hoped to enter the Realm of Osiris, a beautiful place that looked like Egypt. First, though, he had to go through the underworld...
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    The Afterlife


    After death, in the afterlife, the person who kept together all elements of the personality became a transfigured being or "akh", an enlightened spirit.
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    The Legend of Osiris


    One myth seems to have struck a profound chord in the ancient Egyptians, that of the Egyptian God Osiris.
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    Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs


    Did you know that hieroglyphs were considered extremely sacred and only those in the highest reaches of society were taught to read and write...
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    Ancient Egyptian Symbols


    Ancient Egyptian symbols and concrete pictures were a couple of the means used by the Egyptians to understand and describe their universe.
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    Women's Role in Ancient Egypt


    It might come as a surprise, women in ancient Egypt enjoyed legal and economical equality with men.
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    Pharaoh Ramses II


    Probably the best known ancient Egyptian pharaoh today. Besides being a campaign commander Ramsees II was also an active entrepreneur.
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    Pharaoh Akhenaten


    Monotheism in Egypt? The cult of the Egyptian Sun God was established by Pharaoh Akhenaten.
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    Queen Cleopatra VII


    The story of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt's life as the classic female fatale has become legendary.
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    The Great Egyptian Pyramids


    Built as tombs for kings and sometimes queens, the world-famous Great Egyptian Pyramids were designed as part of funerary complexes.
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    The Pyramids of Giza


    The Pyramids of Giza - The Seventh Wonder of the Ancient World. Here are the pyramid facts...
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    Strange Pyramid Theories


    Much have been said about the Pyramids of Egypt. Here we present some of these strange theories.

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The ancient Egyptian Pharoah Amenhotep IV-changed his name to Akhenaten - The Sun God
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