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Named for the famous Greek conqueror, Alexandria tours take travelers thorough the historic majesty of this city. The New Alexandria Library is particularly popular.

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Alexander the Great

Alexandria may not get as much attention as Cairo or Luxor when it comes to Egypt luxury tours. However, some Egypt package tours still include an Alexandria tour. 

As you may already know or suspect, Alexandria was named after Alexander The Great, who made Egypt his temporary home and helped to free Egyptians from Persian rule. There are many historical monuments still standing in Alexandria and most of them can be seen on typical guided tours for Quintessential Egypt.

Historical Sites and Museums

The Citadel of Qaitbey, Ras el-Tin is a fortress that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and was first built by Mameluke Sultan Abdul-Nasser Qait Bey in 1477. 

Another interesting historical site is the Cemetery of Mostafa Kamel, a popular stop for spiritual land tours that features four tombs dating from the second century B.C. Other historical sites of interest include Roman ruins such as the Catacombs, which feature ancient Roman and Egyptian iconography, and the Roman Theatre in Kom El-Dikka, first built in the second century A.D. Saint Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Mahatet El Raml is one of the oldest properties still standing in the country, it being first founded in 60 A.D. 

There are also several museums like the Alexandria National Museum at Raml Station, which holds nearly 2,000 pieces of artifacts, and the Museum of Fine Arts at Moharram Bey, which contains many pieces of eye-catching ancient jewelry.

Mediterranean Beaches

However, don’t conclude that Alexandria’s best tours are only made up of extended history lessons. Other activities on private tours for Alexandria may include a trip to Maa'moura Beach or Montaza Beach, which are some of the most beautiful you will find in the world. These beaches are very popular with tourists and ideal for sunbathing. 

Other locations that may be featured on day tours include Ras el-Tin and Corniche by the Mediterranean Sea.

Sport Activities

Modern Alexandria is also known for its sports. Alexandria Sporting Club dates back to 1898 and offers its members and visitors golfing activities. The Smouha Sporting Club in Smouha features an international hockey stadium as well as numerous swimming pools and running tracks. Lastly, you can go swimming at Alexandra Dive, the Country Club or Lagoon Resort. 

Be sure to check these locations with your travel agent to ensure that these properties do not require advanced reservations or even membership to get in. 

As you can see there is much to do and see in Alexandria, Alexander the Great’s own beloved city.

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