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EgyptTourInfo.com has been a one stop online resource for everything you need to know about travelling to Egypt since 2004. On the other hand EgyptTourInfo.com / Memphis Tours is recognized as a tourism company category A (the highest level), since 25/08/1955 under license No: 30. During that time we have kept our mission simple. We want to bring more happy visitors to Egypt to experience the wonders of this beautiful country.

There are many online services that are designed to help people find tours and book travel, but Egypt Tour Info is not like most. Our goal is not to book the most expensive vacations, but to help people enjoy Egypt the way they want to. You can book a tour directly through us and utilize our great network. 

If you've been planning to make your Egyptian travel dreams come true, then Egypt Tour Info can assist you. You don't have to pay extra to get a better tour, as we work only with the best to ensure your Egyptian vacation is what you've always dreamed it would be.

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Our Responsible Travel Policy

This section covers the overall aims of our policy
and the ethos/mission statement of the company.

Economic Responsibility

1. Sightseeing tours are operated and led by local guides. Also, we use local drivers and all arrangements of tours are made by local staff.

2. We encourage clients to buy handmade artifacts from the local producers like perfume, papyrus, carpets and pharaonic gold or silver souvenirs.

3. Tours include a visit to the local markets like Khan El Khalili Bazaar in Cairo, Souk in Luxor and Aswan.

4. We offer free travel insurance covering the trip to Egypt by 10,000 US Dollars by an Egyptian Insurance Company.

5. We are interested in training our local staff by giving them leadership courses, emotional intelligence courses, language courses in addition to tourism courses.

6. We use locally owned hotels and restaurants.

Environmental Responsibility

1. All places visited are to be left as we found them. No piece of paper is to be left behind. Also, our local staff in Bahariya and the White Desert share with the government annually to clean the areas used as a camp for tourists. 

2. Also, all our modern air-conditioned cars are provided with baskets for rubbish in addition to environmental filter on the exhaust pipe of the cars.

3. Local guides and tour operators are not allowed to smoke during work and smoking is completely forbidden even inside the company. 

4. Through our weekly meeting, we advise department's managers to ensure that all operations have minimal impact on the environment. 

E.g. We decided not to use car horns during driving like what usually happened here in the Egyptian streets. Not only did we decide to do that for our Company cars but also for our private cars to minimize noise pollution. Also, we discussed how to be an example to the others. For example, Incase you see a paper in the historical places with tourists or even with your family and friends, immediately pick it up from the ground and put it the basket. Our aim is “Please keep your town clean.” 

5. We are badly concerned to advise travellers not to damage coral reefs during diving or snorkelling in the Red Sea. Our diving guides and tour guides keep advising travellers not to touch or remove coral reef explaining the value of it. 

6. We support eco-tourism in Egypt and do our best to deal with eco-hotels and resorts in Egypt whenever it is available e.g. Marsa Alam ecology Safari villages and Coral Coast Hotel in Dahab. Also we have already eco-camp in Bahariya Oasis but still under construction. At Eco-accommodation, you will stay in an environmentally friendly eco-village, built by local masons with local stone using traditional methods. 

For accommodations in Marsa Alam or Dahab, we give choices to be at tents or hotels with domed rooms. Tents are provided with electricity and locally made furniture with the Egyptian style. Toilets and Shower is short walk. We keep advising travellers to conserve water and put tissues in the pin. Dome- rooms have thick walls to keep rooms cold. In Dahab hotel, all staff is local but at Marsa Alam hotels, most staff is local not all. Both of them use local furniture and conserve the environment. 

7. We listen to travellers’ advice concerning environmental issues and improve our services.

Social Responsibility

1. Our partners' staff must provide travellers before their arrival with accurate information concerning the social customs, traditions and suitable clothes of each destination.

2. Our partners' employees must be from the local communities. This helps to overcome the problem of unemployment in Egypt. 

3. Our partners must train local students during summer holidays concerning tourism principles and how to deal with tourists. 

4. Our partners must be specialized in providing tours for handicapped travellers and do our best to make everything accessible for them. 

5. We are Member in Charitable Misr Al Mahrusa Baladi Organization (NGO). Our partners must pay donations to support the projects of that charitable organization like bringing up and educating orphans. 

Misr Al Mahrusa Baladi Organization tries to improve the quality of Education in Egypt at governmental schools especially primary schools and taking care of genius students at governmental schools. Also, that organization helps in wiping out illiteracy in addition to bringing up and educating orphans. This website www.mahrusa.com is still under construction. We suggest our clients to visit this charitable organization. If travellers would like to donate at any organization and take official receipt for that.

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